The team behind DemandUKTV have successfully provided UK TV viewing services, equipment and technical support to clients all over the world for over 20 years. Hotels, bars, yachts and private customers have enjoyed viewing all the great UK programmes that they missed whilst being overseas because of us.

Now after working in partnership with a number of organisations to develop superior communications systems, DemandUKTV can deliver superb quality UK TV anywhere in the world. We have over 400 television stations on offer, including free-to-air and premium subscription satellite TV channels, that you can either watch live or record for viewing at a time to suit you on a wide range of devices.

We truly believe the technology we use exceeds anything on offer from any other company and guarantees high quality, high definition television anywhere backed up by superb customer service and technical support.

Our Mission

DemandUKTV are committed to bringing you great, affordable UK TV wherever you are in the world. We are there for the television you love and miss.