How to use the 7 day EPG on the Blade Stream IPTV Box

Before you begin, ensure your box is powered up and fully working.

Once your box has powered up, you should arrive at the main menu home screen.

Ensure the TV menu option is highlighted and using the arrow keys on your remote select “All” from the channel option list, then press “OK” to enter live streaming mode.

Watching Live television

You should now see the selectable channel list with a live preview of the channel highlighted on the left hand list. As you move the highlighter up and down the list by using the arrow keys, the live preview will change depending on the channel selected. So for example, if you highlight BBC2, the stream will change accordingly.

At the bottom left of your screen, you should see the number of channels available on your Blade system. To quickly skip through channel list pages, you can simply use the “Page Up” and “Page Down” buttons on your remote, just located below the arrow keys.

By pressing “Page Down” you will find that it’s quick and easy to skip to find the channel you desire.

So for example, if you highlight channel 59 which is BBC News, the preview will start playing that station. If I want to watch this channel at full size, all I need to do is press “OK” on my remote and the channel will play full screen. And when I’m finished, I’ll hit “Exit” on my remote to return to the channel list.

How do you watch television programs from the past seven days?

There’s two easy ways of doing this.

Option 1

If you know the channel that transmits your desired show, firstly highlight that channel in the live channel list. So for example, highlight ITV1 if you want to watch an episode of The X Factor.

Now you’ll see on the far right hand side of the screen is a reference to “TV Guide” with right arrows above and below the text. As this suggests, hit the right arrow key on your remote to enter the 7-day EPG for the channel selected.

You should now see a list of previous and upcoming shows with corresponding dates. By using your remotes arrows keys, you can find the correct date, highlight it and press “OK” on your remote to change the list of programmes shown. And then finally, use your remote again to cycle through the shows until you find The X Factor in the list. Now that it’s highlighted, lastly press “OK” and your show will begin.

To come out of the show, hit “Exit” a couple of times and you’ll return to the main channel list once again.

Option 2

If like many of our customers, you sometimes cannot find anything to watch on live TV and simply want to browse what was on over the 7 days, the best way to do this is to again, enter the live channel preview mode.

Now on your remote is a button labelled “Info” just to the bottom right of the arrow keys. Press that button and you’ll enter the full 7-day electronic programme guide.

So if for example, you’ve decided to watch an episode of Top Gear on BBC2, all I have to do is use the arrow keys on your remote to cycle back through the days until you find the show and highlight it yellow. And to watch it, hit “OK” on my remote and the pre-recorded stream will begin playing.

Once you’re finished, I again hit the “Exit” button a couple of times like before and you’ll exit back to the home screen.

Download the help sheet

Want to print out this step-by-step guide? No problem. Download a PDF of this guide at the following link below:

Watch the tutorial video!

Need to see how to use the 7-day television guide in real-time? Then check out the video below:

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