How to configure wireless network connectivity on the Blade Stream IPTV Box

Before you begin, ensure you are using a connected, compatible USB Wi-Fi dongle.

First Run

Firstly, connect a WiFi USB dongle to either the front or rear USB ports on the Blade box (either doesn’t matter), connect the HDMI cable to your television and then power ON the Blade box by connecting the power supply to the rear A/C adapter socket. The Blade box will begin the boot process and will eventually display a screen saying “Service Unreachable”. At this stage, do not be concerned as this is normal. Simply, press the BLUE button on your remote control to start the network set-up process.

System Settings

Once you have pressed the BLUE button on your remote, you should be taken to the System Settings screen. Using the arrow keys on your remote, navigate to and highlight the “Network” option and press OK on your remote to be taken to the next screen.

Network Settings

On the corresponding screen, again use the arrow keys on your remote control to scroll down to the option labelled “Wireless (Wi-Fi)” and press the OK button to continue.

Note: Users who have connected a CAT5 cable to the rear Ethernet port on the Blade box may want to configure the network settings to use an internet connection via their local area network instead, using the “Wired (Ethernet)” option. If this is the case, you need not follow this set up process as the Blade box should fully boot regardless.

Protocol Settings

When your reach this screen, use your remote arrow keys to select the “Auto (DHCP)” option and press OK, which will ensure your router automatically assigns your Blade Box an IP address on your wireless network.

Note: Only advanced users should use either the “Auto (DHCP), manual DNS” or “Manual” options. In most cases, the “Auto (DHCP)” option will successfully connect.

Finding Your Wi-Fi Network

On this screen, you will need to set the name of the local Wi-Fi network you wish to connect your Blade box to. As your Wi-Fi dongle is connected to your Blade box, the quickest and easiest way is to use your remote to select the “Scan” button and press OK. This will initiate a scan and the Blade box will display a list of local Wi-Fi networks found on the next screen.

Selecting Your Wi-Fi Network

Once the scan has completed, your Blade box will display a list of local Wi-Fi networks found. Simply use the arrow keys on your remote to move up or down to highlight the network you wish to connect to. Then press OK.

Set Your Wi-Fi Network Password

If your Wi-Fi network is password protected, select the appropriate “Authentication” method, then enter the password in the box highlighted. Enter the passphrase by pressing the KB (keyboard) button on your remote and use the arrow keys to select the correct letters using the on-screen keyboard. Highlight and select OK when finished. You are now done!

Set-Up Complete!

You will now be returned to the original “Service Unavailable” screen. At this point, press the RED button on your Blade remote and the box will re-attempt the boot process and connect to our service using your newly configured Wi-Fi settings. If successful, the Blade box will load and you’re ready to start viewing your IPTV service. If it fails to load, please start this process again and double check your settings are correct.

Download the help sheet

Want to print out this step-by-step guide? No problem. Download a PDF of this guide at the following link below:

Watch the tutorial video!

Need to see how to set-up your wireless (WiFi) network in real-time? Then check out the video below:

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