Follow this step-by-step guide on how to quickly set-up and start using your Blade Stream IPTV set-top box.

Connect the Cables

Before connecting and switching on the Blade’s power supply, ensure you have connected an HDMI cable to the rear of the Blade box and to your television set. Also ensure a compatible Wi-Fi dongle has been inserted into one of the two available USB ports or alternatively, a CAT5 network cable into the rear Ethernet port, to utilise your local area network. Once you’re satisfied this step has been completed, connect the power supply to start up the Blade Stream box boot process.

Seeing a Service Unreachable screen?

If after a few minutes, you reach a screen stating your box can’t connect to our service, don’t worry. This is perfectly normal on first run. This simply indicates there’s a problem connecting to our service via the internet and thus, your wireless internet connection settings need to be configured on the Blade box. If this applies to you, please refer to our “Wireless Network Set-Up” guide first and return to this guide later on. If your Blade box is configured and your network is correctly connected, it will complete the boot process within a few minutes.

Home Screen

Once booted, your will be greeted by the home screen. Using the arrow keys on your remote control, select the “All” option and press OK. This will take you into the live TV interface where you can scroll through all the available channels and see what’s on, whilst viewing live streaming television. If you see a message stating “Not Subscribed”, please contact our support team for help to fully unlock and activate your service.

Using the 7-day EPG

Whilst in the live television preview screen, press the “Info” button on your remote. This will activate the 7-day EPG where you can browse dozens of channels and select previously recorded material. The red line indicates the current live programme in real-time so any shows prior to that are pre-recorded. To find a show to watch, use the arrow keys on your remote to cycle through the previous day’s recordings on various channels. To watch a show, highlight your desired programme and press OK on your remote to start. To finish watching, hit the “Exit” button to return.

Download the help sheet

Want to print out this step-by-step guide? No problem. Download a PDF of this guide at the following link below:

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