Ever wished you could watch UK TV in your overseas home?

Say hello to a new era in IPTV solutions!

If you’re a long time British ex-patriot or a passionate Anglophile who simply loves everything Great Britain, then you’ll no doubt be well aware of the large array of UK TV websites offering numerous ways of watching UK TV abroad. Services such as VPNs, proxies and online streaming websites; many of which are illegal. The bulk of these services have major pitfalls, not to mention poor streaming quality and a need for a tech savvy user with a good head for installing fiddly software and configuring essential system settings that would baffle most users.

For the rest of us non-technical folk, we’ve be crying out for a service that takes away that need. We just want to sit back, flick on the box and watch UK TV just like we were back home. If only this were possible you might ask? Well the great news is – you finally can!

Get the set-top box every British expat has been crying out for!

Introducing the award winning Blade Stream box from DemandUKTV. A simple to use, easy to install set-top box that plugs straight into your regular television and uses your internet connection to access over 30 live Freeview UK television channels at the touch of a button. Yes, now you can finally switch on your TV, sit back and flick through the channels to find what you want to watch on every mainstream free-to-air UK TV network.

What if I live in a different time zone to the UK?

What makes our Blade Stream box even better is the built-in 7-day catch up service. By accessing the box’s EPG (Electronic Program Guide), you can go back and watch any show on any channel from the past week. And no, you don’t have to set up any recordings – you don’t have to do a thing. And if you want to keep your shows and build a library of your favourite TV series or simply want to archive a few shows you love, you can download them and keep them on a memory stick, simply by plugging one straight into the integrated USB port. The Blade Stream box is truly a massive breakthrough in providing television overseas.

When you use these boxes, you realise it really is the stuff of dreams and once you have one of these boxes, you’ll wonder what you ever did without one!

Endorsed by some of the biggest names in Britain

It may sound too good to be true but these boxes have been in circulation for a few of years now and their popularity is growing hugely. For example, did you know that many well known British celebrities who have moved overseas or have holiday homes abroad use these boxes?

These boxes are very cheap indeed so if they’re good enough for some of the biggest names in television, surely they’re good enough for anyone!

Are you ready to order your IPTV box?

At DemandUKTV, we’re delighted to say that we have these boxes in stock and ready to ship. Backed up by our world class sales and support team, we stock these boxes for just £140.00 including delivery anywhere overseas. Our service then just costs £25.00 pr month with no fixed terms and no contracts.

If you need any help setting up or understanding how to use your box then you can call or email our friendly team who will be on hand to assist you.

If you want to know more about these superb boxes, then visit the product page for a full break down of the channels available and how it works. And if you’re ready to order yours then order now and we’ll get your box shipped out to you right away.

Why wait any longer?

Get the UK TV you crave and order your box from DemandUKTV today!

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