Season 5 kicks off tonight on Sky Atlantic HD

The long awaited return of George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy adventure “Game of Thrones”, based on the best-selling ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ novels is finally upon us. In what seemed like an eternity to die hard supporters, the fifth instalment in this awesome journey across the harsh terrain of Westeros begins again tonight on Sky Atlantic HD at 9:00pm, with the battle for the iron throne gaining momentum.

With Season Four ending in normal dramatic fashion, this series starts off with Daenerys Targaryen grappling with her uncontrollable dragons, whilst Tyrion Lannister on the run with Lord Varys after slaying his Father Tywin, opens his eyes to the new possibilities his freedom now represents.

With some senior figures now dead, the emergence of a younger and hungrier generation will be inevitable, with the likes of Sansa Stark, Arya Stark and Daenerys Targaryen gaining more power and influence as time goes on. It all makes for an unmissable and exciting new journey over the course of the next ten weeks. Would you dare to miss a single episode?

We think you’d be crazy to miss out, so why not get your UK TV system activated and ready in time to catch tonight’s grand opening episode and enjoy every breathtaking second on your chosen device? Speak to our sales team about a “Sky Entertainment Slingbox” system today by emailing and watch every episode wherever you are!

The F1 season is kicking off big time too!

Wow, the Rosberg vs Hamilton rivalry is well and truly back on. It’s getting nasty out there!

In a successful race-winning weekend at Shanghai, China for Hamilton, and his German team-mate finishing second, Rosberg complained over team radio that Hamilton, leading the race, was running slow and was causing Rosberg to drop into the clutches of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel. In response, Hamilton was told by his race engineer to up the pace, given a target lap time of 1m 43.7s.

The 2014 champion duly obliged however Vettel, now racing for Ferrari, continued to press Rosberg and eventually the Mercedes team told Hamilton that if he didn’t increase pace, they would pit Rosberg first which under normal circumstances would not occur. That however did eventually occur as Hamilton ran his race his way, with Rosberg spending most of his time in a battle to fend off the chasing Ferrari’s.

To say the post match interviews and press conferences we heated is an understatement.

When asked about his pace putting Rosberg under pressure, Hamilton respond by saying “it wasn’t his job to look after Nico’s race”. That didn’t go down well with the German, with Rosberg replying by stating that it was “interesting to hear”, claiming Hamilton ignored pre-race instructions and “was only thinking about himself” and was “compromising” Rosberg’s race. Either way, you could see these two team-mates were anything but. There is clearly bad feeling between the two of them now and sooner or later, it is going to boil over.

What this does make is for unmissable sporting action. For year and years, F1 lacked any notable rivalries and many seasons were deemed boring, with the cars seemingly parading around the track. Now F1 has a rivalry to match any in previous years and it means, F1 just got interesting again.

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